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Bahasa Indonesia Lesson Podcast

"Podcasting" was first defined in Wikipedia. In November 2004, podcasting networks started to appear on the scene with podcasters affiliating with one another. One of the earliest adopters from the mainstream media was the BBC, with the BBC World Service show, Go Digital, podcast in August 2001.


The idea of using Podcast as a medium to introduce Bahasa Indonesia came from Jan Gould, a member of the NZIA executive committee, who fell in love with the modesty and sincerity of the Indonesian people, their language and their culture. So Jan came up with an easy-to-digest script for the Podcast and we started recording. With the help of Ayu, an Indonesian living in Wellington, they are producing a series of culturally friendly teaching sessions of Bahasa Indonesia.


Check out our Podcasts, see if you can manage to learn a few Indonesian phrases for daily use and practise them the next time you meet your Indonesian friends.


Selamat mencoba!

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