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NZIA Newsletter for March 2018

Updated: Mar 6, 2018

Hello NZIA members, we are off to a flying start this month !!

We have already had our March monthly members meeting which was an evening of angklung music where we combined with other Indonesian organisations and the local angklung group for a wee practice !

In the photo on our Face Book page I can count 43 who participated in the evening. That’s got to be the biggest angklung group in NZ. Perhaps we should register it with the Guinness book of Records !!

Our thanks to Budi Putra for making it such an enjoyable evening and to Grace Pamungkas who championed the evening with the Assn’s executive. Thanks also to Helen Trustrum and co for organising the supper too.

NZIA Celebrating Indonesia Photo Exhibition 12 – 25 March Wellington City Library A team from our NZIA Executive Committee led by Graeme Carroll has organised a photo exhibition to be in place when the President of Indonesia and a Padang Delegation arrive in mid/later in March. The Photo Exhibition is being put up on Monday morning 12th March, so as the old saying goes, “many hands make light work” so if you have a spare hour of two, please drop into the main entrance off Victoria Street and lend a hand. Thank you to Graeme, Jan, Helen, Grace and Rito who have been organising this. The photo display will include a focus on people, some of Padang and the GNS Science/UGM MFAT funded disaster risk reduction project, Noel Trustrum Aceh Revives photos, achievements that AUT University are also doing in Indonesia on the education front, general panoramic pictures of various Indonesian scenes and a display of recipients of the Colin McLennan Memorial Scholarship which currently consist of 10 disabled students receiving funds from the Rehabilim Trust Inc. Details shortly of an opening ceremony for the display.

New NZIA website: Jan Gould with the assistance of Prillia Astuti and Blair Robson with input from Rito Tree have been busy with visualising and getting a web site (NZIA’s own web site) up and running, with it now on line. So have a look. It has been designed to make it easy to add news items to it. Contributions welcomed! It also includes a page for new members to join. As time goes on it will be constantly further developed. As with our face book (FB) page and now our web site these things need regular contributors, so I would implore you all to look at, support and contribute copy to these two developments that have taken place. A website and a Face Book page that is not kept current is a waste of space. Thank you to Jan, Prillia, Blair and Rito.

The visit of the Indonesian President Joko Widodo is eagerly awaited, and one can imagine that staff at the Indonesian Embassy are running at full pace getting things ready for his visit. It’s a big deal to have President Jokowi come to NZ, and we are keen for him to be exposed to the best of NZ for his very short visit. At the time of writing, we don’t know the details exactly of his visit, so again watch this space or check our Facebook page and new website for news!

Membership: Over the past few years, a few of our members have left. Some have left Wellington and returned to Indonesia or left to live in some other part of NZ. We now must replace these members, so I want to ask each one of you to nominate a member to join NZIA. Indonesia is playing a bigger and bigger part in the life of NZ, and a good and close relationship with Indonesia is to every one’s benefit.

Attached to this newsletter is a membership form. Please give it to someone you know who could be interested and who could be an asset to the assn. As the oldest Indonesian NGO in the country, we want to grow, be relevant and vibrant. If everyone pitches in, we can do it !!

Next month: Our meeting next month will be a presentation by AUT University from Auckland.

AUT have a big stake in the education field in that country. In Auckland they have established an Indonesian Centre of

Excellence and are offering courses in Bahasa Indonesia. They are the only university to do so in NZ. For that reason we support them wholeheartedly, as it was one of the objectives of this Assn for many years. I understand that they too now have a Gamelan orchestra, so well done AUT !

Once AUT advise us when they are available, we will let you know. It will be put on the Face book as well !

Best Wishes

Bill Russell



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