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An invitation

The New Zealand Indonesia Association (NZIA) was formed on 1964 and is the oldest Indonesian associated organisation in NZ.  It is an NGO whose vision is to foster good relations between our two countries. Indonesia is increasingly important for our trade and tourism. It is our 10th largest trading partner for exports and our imports from that country are also substantial.

Indonesia is our closest Asian neighbour and has flexed its not inconsiderable muscle for some time with its population of more than 250 million people. Understanding Indonesia is vital, as is their understanding of us.  In reality, outside of the main metropolitan areas, neither country knows much about each other.

NZIA is extending its membership to include corporate members and we invite you to join us.

What can we offer?

  • Many of our members have been to Indonesia on multiple occasions. We can offer advice on what to do when travelling there, and perhaps what not to do.

  • A lot of our members are fluent in the Indonesian language, Bahasa Indonesia, and may be able to help with language difficulties.

  • We offer a chance to network with others who would like to know more about doing business in Indonesia.

  • NZIA networks with other Indonesian organisations in the Wellington area.

  • NZIA has a very close relationship with the Indonesian Ambassador and his staff, who are generous with their time and their facilities to us. We use the Embassy premises regularly for our monthly meetings.

  • When VIP Indonesian delegations visit NZ, we are often invited to meet with them on an informal basis.

The cost for this corporate membership is $75 per annum, and it will enable you and your staff alike to attend our functions.

We look forward to meeting with you, should you accept our invitation.

Yours sincerely,

Hannah Brackley


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